Act Smart New York


How an ACT Group Meeting Works -

We will take a minute and do a grounding exercise, breathe,  

notice if our hands and feet are warm or cool, dry or moist.   

This body we feel is our toolbox we can use to take action right now, 

each day, each week, in the direction of who is important to us. 


We note that words are just words, 

write them on balloons [sometimes we use a balloon, 

And sometimes we do this 'in our mind's eye'], 

and 'let the balloons float up to the ceiling'.   

Some words are useful --  "I need a sweater". --  

and some are not. --  "I am a banana."  

'I am an addict'

'I can learn to improve my life'

'I get to notice'

'I get to choose'

Lots of balloons around to notice,

Floating up to the ceiling.


We notice that we get to choose

whether a bunch of words is useful that day

for what we wish to accomplish,

in the direction of who us important to us.  


We notice whether we have included ourselves

On our list

Of Who Is Important to Me.

If I am not on my list --

How can I be healthy and strong to help others

Whom I care about?  

So I put myself first

So I have something to offer to others I love.  


We breathe, 

imagine the breath going all the way down our arms and legs

to our hands and feet, 

and notice our body-toolbox again.   


We look each other in the eyes, 

Notice we are here at this table,

know we can choose today to improve ourselves,  

by choosing actions and doing them,

and noticing that words are just words.  


Sitting together, breathing, acting --

This is life.  


We notice that we sit in a restaurant with some noise and chatter

And choose each week to attend to our meeting productively

Even while we might prefer to sit together in a quiet place.

We still live our life

while the world, its noise, words, and labels float about us

Contacting our senses or

Offering information to our minds

So we can select

and use as we choose.


Sitting together, breathing, acting --





We take the next action.  


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