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OK,  so my fees for individual treatment vary, depends on what we are doing.   


Patients who are on Suboxone treatment for Opioid Use Disorder pay $250 for their first visit, which is usually accomplished within 90 minutes, and then they have to come back every month and the fee is $150/month.   The monthly visits are around 45 minutes long and the fee includes the Urine Drug Test, and a Urine specimen is required at every visit.    Some people prefer to come more often, such as every 3 weeks, every 2 weeks, or every 10 days or so, and this can vary depending on "what's going on in their lives at that time."      


Patients who come for Alcohol Use Disorder treatment pay $150 per visit, and most visits are about 45 minutes.   Most patients are prescribed medications, although some choose to work without medications.     Some AUD patients only come 1-3 times, and try out medication-assisted treatment for AUD, and the meds either help or they don't,      Some AUD patients such as persons with AUD with dependence, severe, prefer to come back every 1-2 weeks during challenging times such as after hospitalizations when they are re-learning how to live in the community sober.   


Patients with PTSD or challenging relationships not uncommonly ask to be seen every 2 weeks or so they can keep their learning going.     


Anytime a patient requests my professional time additional to the above, is charged at the $150 hourly rate.    In the past, this has included  Holiday Weekend Assistance x 2 hours (including texting),  A special appointment with girlfriend x 2 hours,  a 5 hour Private Seminar on Alcohol Use Treatment, Etc.    


So that will give you some idea of my average charges.   I do not accept insurance, but I do give patients summary statements which they can send in to their insurance carriers, and some may give reimbursement.  



Addiction Treatment and Psychotherapy in Saratoga Springs, NY


Treatment is confidential.  If you choose to share your information, you may request an invoice to send to your insurance company.